What our clients say

“We had to scout around for partners who can deliver services on behalf of us to our customers, with extreme focus to be given on Service Delivery, Response Time and Resolution Time. Now, after 3 years of partnership with Eljay, we have improved our CSAT score and IR (Initial Response) time from what it used to be 3 years before. Eljay is what you can expect as a great partner to serve your customers.”

- Voice of Director of Engineering from a NASDAQ listed Managed Service Provider in North America-

“I did not really understand what it means by a Master MSP, after all, we are also an MSP with focus on Storage, End User Computing and Disaster Recovery. Eljay, not only represented us but also enhanced the technical skill base and support coverage for our customers. Now, I perfectly understand what is a Master MSP.”

- Voice of Technical Director of a large MSP based in London.

“We have an amazing client base where we support them during the office hours for their entire IT infrastructure- Microsoft Active Directory services, Servers, & Networks. Eljay helped us in covering the off hours and weekends, cost effectively, working as part of our geographic extension. We are now a full blown MSP covering 24 x 7 services which had a tremendous impact on increasing our client base. Now we are all equipped to scale up to any number to support any large project.”

- VP Technical Services, MSP, Canada.