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Design Engineering

Outsourced Network Support | Cisco Unified Communications Design

Design Engineering

  • Proficient Design capabilities similar to Cisco Advanced Technology services
  • Robust High Level and Low Level Design Engineering
  • Capability across Cisco Advanced Technologies like Cisco Unified Communications Manager Design, Cisco Unity Design, Cisco Unified Contact Center Design and Cisco Meeting Place Design Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Design and Cisco Unified Presence Proof of Concept and Design
  • Involvement of CCIE engineers on Data, Voice and Service Provider expertise in designing and implementing
  • Fail Proof, Future Acclimated, Rapidly Transformable and Cost Effective Network Design Engineering

Eljay Global's unique Design Engineering Approach:

The unique design strategy of Eljay Global which is similar to Cisco's approach is focused not only on addressing the pain areas but also to address the growth perspective of the company to achieve the business goals in a stipulated time. The Fail- Proof strategy involves a Twin Analysis phase of the design before and after the Bill of Materials is drafted. Another unique feature of the design is the application of these strategies even in case of a "remote design engineering" environment. The key phases are:

Some of the Designs we have worked on:

Outsourced Network Support | Cisco Unified Communications DesignOutsourced Network Support | Cisco Unified Communications Design
  • Business Analysis
  • Transformation requirement analysis
  • Long term and Mid Term Network Planning
  • Short Term Planning
  • Evaluation of plans with customer requirements
  • 3 layered (Business - Technology - Quality) verification
  • High Level Design
  • Bill of Material preparation
  • 2nd Review and Analysis
  • Low Level Design
  • Asset Sourcing