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Smart Data Centers Feature Editorial

November 24, 2010By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

As a Global IT Infrastructure management company,Eljay Engineeringlaunched a stream of data center services that provides cost-effective round the clock monitoring and management. Additionally, a unique disaster recovery solution was also launched that provides high availability options for core business applications and business processes.

Enterprise class Service Providers such Network Operations centers, Data Centers, Hosting enterprises, IT and Network Infrastructure Service providers as well as Enterprise customers can optimally utilize these services to their advantage.

Service providers in North America, European Union and Australia are offered three key benefits such as cost-effective white label support, 24X7 coverage as well as access to internationally experienced and certified engineers.

In apress release, Manu Krishna Singh, Vice President of Engineering Services for Eljay Engineering, said, “Through our distinctive remote IT Infrastructure Management solutions, we are already catering to a large sector of small, medium and very large service providers with around 45000 devices around the globe. Though our core expertise was around network infrastructure support, we have now ramped up our capabilities across Servers, End User computing, Applications, Virtualization, SAN and Security.”

By providing well-trained and certified implementation engineers, Eljay complements Data Center functioning while the installation and configuration tasks are efficiently handled by the SE engineers including simple P2V conversions to complex SAN replication configuration.

Today’s datacenters include a heterogeneous set of technologies, which the hosting firms are unable to support with the designed solutions comprising of a mix and match of different software and hardware vendors. This lack of support for well-designed solutions can lead to end-customer dissatisfaction, which is where Eljay’s helpdesk can assist by proactively monitoring alerts and performance levels and deploying the best set of support engineers to resolve any issues.

Enterprises operating Database, Mail Servers and LDAP either on Virtual or Physical server platforms with 3 ranges of Data Storage can leverage the unique Disaster Recovery solution that enables real time incremental back up for MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Active Directory, Virtual Machines and other Windows Servers and Applications. Also, Eljay engineers use the most updated data to perform the fail back process with the RTO and RPO defined as per customer’s requirements. Other Key features include end to end recovery solution, 24 x 7 support, file level/folder level back up for PC data as well as flexible pay per use pricing.

Carolyn John is a Contributor to TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.