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Eljay Voice Keeper

Eljay Voice Keeper is a set of Customized IP Telephony network support services will help you truly to utilize the converged network to its full potential.

This includes:

IP Telephony Infrastructure support

IPT infrastructure support is one among our core competencies. End to end IPT infrastructure Support and Management solutions are developed for the management of IP Telephony Networks by bringing the IP Telephony availability to 99.999% of the time and by maximizing the quality of the call.

Eljay's IP Telephony Management Solutions include:

  • Dark Hour support
  • 24 X 7 network monitoring and support
  • Fault altering/ reporting & performance monitoring
  • Maintenance of QoS parameters
  • Maintenance of Voice Quality by monitoring occurrences in Voice Networks
  • Crisis Management & Dedicated customer service contact
  • OS Monitoring & upgrades
  • Periodic Configuration Management through regular Audits and Upgrades and Ongoing Trend Analysis and Optimization.
  • IPT trouble ticket resolution.